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Untitled - Ed Moses

“I’m interested in discovering things through the meandering and chaos in the confusion of painting.”

-Ed Moses

Ed Moses has been honing his distinct visual interpretation throughout his long and prolific career. His attention to the treatment of both the canvas and the materials highlights the process of making and the fragile reconciliation of chaos and control he captures in his art. A self-identified “mark maker,” Moses describes his process as a “shamanistic offering” of his own existence left for posterity, referencing the primitive desire to leave one’s mark such as those of the cave painters of  Lascaux, France. Shifting from one style to another Moses is constantly mutating and evolving which he interprets as “the encounter between the mind’s necessity for control and its yearning to fly, to be free from our ever-confining skill.” It was in preparation for his first exhibition in 1969 that Moses dislodged the gallery roof to let natural light in causing the remaining beams to cast dark grid-like shadows onto the canvas and floor. This grid motif, symbolic of the balance between chaos and control,  becomes visible in Untitled while stains of color melt into the grid and spiders creep through.

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