2015 Venice Art Walk Poster - Alison Saar

FALL, 2010
Poster - 20" x 28"

Fall in Alison’s words: 

“Fall” is gathering up pomegranates. In my neighborhood in Laurel Canyon, there’s a pomegranate tree that’s totally untended, and nobody harvests the fruit. We get to see all these stages of—well, the fruits are just growing right now, but come winter they’ll be split open, and they’ll stay on the trees until the birds come and knock them off. I love this futile fruit that’s up there, blown around and not put to use. The ovaries are often portrayed as being pomegranate-like, even in Biblical mythology—some even think that the original forbidden fruit was a pomegranate, which I found really intriguing. I wanted to burst them open, let loose all sorts of mayhem (laughter). So these fruits, here, are much larger than life, and she’s gathering them up in her skirt. I’m really interested to see how this will look come winter, when that skirt will also be a basket of snow. There’s a sense of barrenness here, too, that connects back to the Persephone myth; she’s gathering the fruit of the underworld. Her branches are completely bare, and the imagery of loss and separation can really be seen.