2016 Venice Art Walk Poster - Analia Saban

This year’s commemorative poster showcases the work of John Baldessari's prodigy, Analia Saban. Analia is a Los Angeles based contemporary artist who describes her own method of working as both artistic and scientific, experimenting with the foundations of photography and painting. For this year's poster, Analia brilliantly incorporated bright colors that saturate every inch of the poster, creating an energy that is equal to the spirit of Venice.

"I took a photograph of a bikini-salesman's umbrella at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro early in 2015. I think this umbrella, transformed into a bikini store, had become a beautiful sculpture. It holds potential for many moments of relaxation, swimming, sun bathing and all activities related to health and leisure.

I transported the Copacabana umbrella into the poster for the Venice Family Clinic Art Walk 2016. I see it as a great symbol that combines the aesthetics of a colorful composition with the search for health and life balance, two elements which prevail in the Venice Family Clinic yearly fundraiser. " - Analia Saban