Fay Ray, Amethyst 1, 11/20, 2011

Fay Ray (b. 1978)
Amethyst 1, 2011
Limited Edition
Archival inkjet print
20 × 14 in | 50.8 × 35.6 cm
Edition 11 of 20
Signed archival labels applied on verso at bottom center (Info and numbers printed on labels)
Hand-signed by Artist, sticker label | Unframed

The California artist Fay Ray explores the fetishization of objects and the construction of female identity through high-contrast, monochrome photomontages. Her works are inspired by fashion shoots and surrealist collages. Ray fragments glamorous signifiers into sensuous shapes, taking animal skin, diamanté, fishnet, and reflective surfaces, and pasting them together with images of hands, hair, and feet. The status of objects is also spotlighted in Ray’s three-dimensional works; Intimacy (2012) combines natural forms with manmade materials, featuring conch shells—which could be mistaken for tongues—embedded in Hydrocal plaster. Ray’s hanging sculptures recall weighted dream catchers with their crystals, palm sheaths, and silver chains.

The Venice Family Clinic Art Within Reach Editions were organized by artist Kim Schoenstadt and printed by Arris Editions in 2011. All proceeds benefit the Venice Family Clinic Foundation.