Dion Johnson, Wish, 12/20, 2011

Dion Johnson (b. 1975)
Wish, 2011
Limited Edition
Archival inkjet print
16 x 20 in | 40.6 x 50.8 cm
Edition 13 of 20
Signed archival labels applied on verso at bottom center (info and numbers printed on labels)
Hand-signed by Artist | Framed (+$150) at Rose

Los Angeles-based Dion Johnson makes hard-edged, abstract paintings with dynamic color fields and lines. In his works, bold, contrasting swathes droop down and slide across his canvases, existing simultaneously as line, shape, and color. Lines and forms butt up against, shift, and weave through one another, but preserve their sharply defined boundaries. A thin line between thick fields of color will abruptly become rounded off or bend across adjacent fields, creating a bustling sense of movement with a limited vocabulary. Johnson turns these boisterous elements into carefully crafted and finely balanced compositions.

The Venice Family Clinic Art Within Reach Editions were organized by artist Kim Schoenstadt and printed by Arris Editions in 2011. All proceeds benefit the Venice Family Clinic Foundation.