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Untitled (Big Chart) - Matt Mullican

"The only reason I’m able to go through the subjective is because I have structure by which to survive…[Otherwise] signs start to clash and you can go nuts….My structure is an artificial one….a “mapping” so you don’t feel lost."
—Matt Mullican

Matt Mullican studied at the California Institute of the Arts and is best known for his personal, symbolic map configurations. Recalling both ancient and contemporary sign systems, Mullican’s condensed visual language serves as a type of diagrammatic mapping that guides viewers through various meanings in his work. His archetypal emblems individually symbolize such cosmic motifs as “heaven,” “hell,” “life,” and “fate,” or are fused into a panorama such as in Untitled (Big Chart). In his distinction here between the two left and right panels, Mullican references a nature/culture dichotomy while symbolically charting complex interrelations between the anatomy of biological and social systems.



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