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Exclamation - Artschwager

Since the early 1960s, Richard Artschwager’s work confounded the boundaries of Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual art by consistently formulating iconic interactions between the functional, everyday object and the work of art. Artschwager adopted everyday objects as the formal basis for his sculptures, an approach that he shared with his Pop contemporaries of the 1960s and 70s. A playful theoretical bent has informed his work throughout his career. Artschwager’s characteristic conceptual mode is epitomized by his elegant interpretations of punctuation marks, a project that he began in 1966. By literally objectifying punctuation marks as large sculptural works, as in Exclamation Point, the artist has aimed to “inflect objects and spaces the way real punctuation inflects the objects and spaces of the written language.” 

The Venice Family Clinic’s Artist Cards are limited-edition reproductions from original works that are donated by artists and collectors who participate in the annual Venice Art Walk. Proceeds from the sale of this card and the Venice Art Walk benefit the medical programs of the Venice Family Clinic.

Proceeds from the sale of Venice Family Clinic Artist Cards provide quality primary health care to people in need.

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